Whether you already live aboard, dream of living aboard, or simply enjoy leisure boating on the Grand Union Canal as often as possible, you will be interested in any proposed changes in mooring regulations in our area. Here are three recent news stories I’ve picked up that affect users of our local canals and waterways.

1) Proposed Mooring Changes will not be Introduced

The results of the Canal and River Trust’s South East Visitor Mooring Consultation have been announced on the CRT website. The consultation proposed reduced permitted staying times at Grand Union Canal visitor mooring sites in Berkhamsted and Marsworth.

The Trust received over 800 responses to the suggested changes with around 80% opposing the proposals. The plans were reconsidered following further analysis of boat sighting information. Data gathered showed that there was consistently mooring space available.

There will now be a short stay shopping halt in Berkhamsted but apart from that the current 14 day moorings will remain with a few minor changes. There will be no changes to the 14 day moorings in Marsworth.

It goes to show that if you are a waterways user it’s important to respond to these consultations when invited, and make your views heard. It is partly thanks to NABO that CRT were challenged to produce evidence that the changes were necessary.

The full CRT report is here: SE Mooring Consultation Berkhamsted/Marsworth

National Association of Boat Owners: Summary of the outcome of the consultation

2) Unique Insight into Liveaboard Life

Off the Cut is a new short film, raising awareness of the issues affecting a community of boaters living on the Kennet and Avon canal. The film follows a family on their pedal powered boat as they go on a journey in which their way of life, and that of the whole community, comes under threat. A petition to the prime minister asks him to protect the homes of itinerant boat dwellers.

3) Boats are Homes National Demonstration

This Saturday there will be a demonstration to demand that the Canal and River Trust stops evicting or threatening to evict travelling canal boaters based on their pattern of travel or distance travelled. It is also to stop the continued attempts to change or reduce the 14 day mooring rule, to stop the sale of parts of the waterways and to demand better maintenance, mooring rings and facilities.

Boats are Homes National Demonstration
Saturday 16th April 2016 12.30pm
Gower Street / Euston Road, London NW1

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