If you have arranged your finances and have a good idea of the size and style of boat you are looking for the next step is to begin viewing boats. Because we have so many photographs (and some videos) online here at Boatshed Grand Union, you should have a good idea of whether a particular boat would suit you, before making your journey.

So when you get on board, what should you be looking for?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Our brokers are used to helping people who are new to boating, and are happy to explain anything that you don’t understand. Every boater was once someone who knew nothing about boats…

Here are three things to consider when viewing the interior accommodation.

1. If there is a bath, how big is the water tank? There is no point in enjoying a deep bath if it is going to use up your week’s water supply. This could be a problem when cruising but may not be a problem if your boat will be on a permanent mooring with its own water supply.

2. How tall is the ceiling? The head room can really vary from boat to boat. Consider not only your own height but whether your partner, friends and any other regular visitors would be comfortable on board.

3. How much storage space is there? For a long cruise or living aboard the amount of available storage space may be important to you. Will you need enough room for one or two people, or the possessions of a whole family? If you are going to live aboard how much of your possessions can you realistically take with you? How much wardrobe space is important to you? If the storage space is inadequate for your needs can the boat be modified? Your broker will have seen many different storage arrangements and may be able to suggest some simple changes that could be made.

Before you travel have a look at all the photos we have available to view. Our brokers will take close-up photos of any cosmetic faults or problems, so that you don’t have to make a wasted journey to discover them.
If you feel the boat could be right for you spend some time alone, just sitting and imagining yourself owning it. Take your time and follow your intuition.

Next week: The 5 technical questions you need to ask when viewing a boat.

Ready to take a look? Browse boats in your price range now and arrange a viewing this week!

Image: Bath on board 57ft narrowboat with London mooring.

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