At locations across Essex we have Moody yachts for sale, racing yachts for sale, Jeanneau boats for sale and Etaps for sale. If you’re new to Essex or thinking of travelling here, allow us to share three things that we love about boating in Essex.

Location location location. Essex is easily accessible from London and the counties north of London. Even if you live in Hertfordshire or Buckinghamshire, there is no need to travel to the Solent when you can explore the rivers, estuaries and uncrowded sailing waters of the Essex coast. When you get to know Essex, the navigational challenges it offers can bring you a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Off shore yacht racing. Racing is a way to further develop your sailing. It’s challenging, rewarding, physical and tactical. If you’re competitive, sporty and like being part of a team this could be for you. You may be surprised at how many events there are around the county throughout the season. Your local sailing school or yachting club is a good place to start.

Affordable. Gone is the time when sailing and boating was just for the rich and privileged. These days members of sailing clubs can be from all walks of life: students, professionals, and tradesmen. Don’t imagine that you need a marina mooring on the Solent to enjoy the water. The east coast is busy with ‘normal’ folk, who perhaps keep their boat on an affordable swinging mooring and bring it ashore during winter for some DIY maintenance, which can keep costs down.

The boats for sale on our website can be filtered by cost so that you can easily search within your budget.

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