Boatshed Grand Union won the Best Blogger 2015 award at the International Conference on Monday: That kinda makes me an international award winning blogger! So, here are five of the best blog articles from 2015 to show you the variety of topics we cover here on the Grand Union blog.

3 Surprising Ways to Travel and Trade on the Waterways

I went to the Birmingham Floating Market in September and all of the sunshine and colourful bunting made the life of a roving trader look quite idyllic. The Roving Canal Traders Association organises floating markets throughout the summer and if you've never been to such an event it’s surprising how many very different individual businesses there are.

Barging in on National Poetry Day

Did you know that the waterways have a canal laureate, appointed by the Poetry Society and Canal and River Trust? Canals inspire many poets to write. When I bought my very first narrowboat in the year 2000 I was inspired to write this cheeky poem; Pump my Bilge!

Last Chance Saloon: The Choices You Have to Make

In your ideal boat what would be the perfect saloon? Free-standing furniture or an L-shaped seat that becomes an extra berth? Would you site the solid fuel stove in the middle of the boat or at the bow end? I love looking at narrowboat interiors and thought I'd blog about saloons in October!

How to be a Waterways Artist

The Guild of Waterways Artists are a small, friendly and informal group offering member an opportunity to exhibit together twice a year.They expect members to exhibit with them at least once a year and to look for opportunities for further exhibitions for The Guild.

5 Surprising Gift Ideas for Canal Boaters

Whatever the occasion, you can easily pick up the usual coal scuttles, kettles and Buckby cans painted with roses and castles for those who love traditional folk art, but around the roving traders’ canal markets this year I have noticed many more unusual gift ideas, made by boaters who liveaboard. This article showcases five floating businesses who offer some creative ideas for boaters’ presents.

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