If you’ve been following Timothy West and Prunella Scales travelling the canals in Great Canal Journeys recently then it may have inspired you to visit other waterways and discover new places. However, it made me think of a few great canals journeys that have been made on my own local canal, the good ole Grand Union.

How to use your local canal to raise £5000 Can you imagine taking on a 50 mile Quadrathon along the Grand Union Canal from Harefield to Milton Keynes? That’s what four colleagues from the IWA head office are doing this Saturday in the Acheman Challenge! They hope to raise £5000, which is 20% of the cost of a new small excavator.

The Bargee is a fictional canal journey: A British film from the 1960’s in which Harry H Corbett and Ronnie Barker travel up the Grand Union from London to Birmingham. If you fancy a bit of arm-chair boating with an array of well-loved British actors then check out this cheeky comedy, and enjoy the scenery of a bygone canal era.

In 2012 Tom and Dale rowed the Grand Union from Birmingham to Brentford - yes really! and student Luke Parry did the same journey – in a bath tub!

Some of my own greatest canal journeys have been on the Grand Union. My boating top 5
includes The London Ring, Marsworth and the Tring Reservoirs.

And finally, this last journey was not done by boat, but it’s the true story of the time I took the train up the Grand Union to Tring and discovered my dream boat was for sale with Boatshed Grand Union. How I found my perfect narrowboat home.

Is your boat for sale? Boatshed’s technology sells boats faster than other brokerages. Could your boat be someone else’s perfect narrowboat home? There are 15 good reasons to sell your boat with Boatshed.


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