New Year is the traditional time for goal setting and planning for success, in business, and in health. Whether you're planning to buy or sell a boat this year, or even to change career to something more related to boating, here are 5 highlights from our 2015 blog, to inspire you into action in 2016.

1) Selling

If you’re planning to change boats this year, or just to sell your current boat, then use the optimism of a New Year to get motivated and begin to organise yourself. We have a free e-book that will help you. How to Sell a Boat: The Ultimate Guide.

2) Buying

This year our blog offered 5 things you need to know before buying a narrowboat in London and 3 more things you need to know before buying a narrowboat. There is plenty more information about buying a boat in How to Buy a Boat: The Ultimate Guide.

3) New Hobbies or Interests

Perhaps you'd like to know How to go green and stay clean on your canal boat, or learn more about canal history by watching DVD'sof Great Canal Journeys, The Boat That Guy Built, Painted Boats or The Bargee. If you're artistic you may be inspired by the Artists on the Canal: A group of boaters who temporarily turned their boats into cruising galleries last summer, displaying paintings, drawings, sculptures, poetry, and visual installations in ‘pop-up shops’ along the towpath.

4) Fitness

Canals offer opportunities for cycling, walking, or canoeing; if you have a boat you can offer to operate the locks, and if you don’t have a boat you could try towpath jogging. Why spend money on the gym when volunteering days or guided towpath walks can get you out and about in the fresh air?!

5) Career Change

If you're considering a job change or a new challenge check out 3 surprising ways to travel and trade on the waterways Alternatively, if you’d like to live and work on the canals then maybe you could become a canal boat broker. Working with Boatshed you will have access to training and support, marketing materials and the ground breaking Boatshed™System. Find out more at

This time last year we published a summary of canal news, boater’s stories and ‘How To’ guides. Here are five of our favourite highlights from the Boatshed Grand Union blog in 2014.

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