After inviting Mark from Gongoozled over to our place last week to tell us about his interactive online boating community, I thought it would be nice to get sociable and invite more boaters around to our place. Did you see the Boatshed Grand Union team featured on the Gongoozled blog last week?

If you have a boating blog you might like to consider a guest posting swap with our website. We are looking for short articles related to boating and canals and we particularly like to read about the Grand Union, London and Hertfordshire waterways. Our blog features ‘how to’ articles, news and events, personal stories and more. If your article is published at Boatshed it will automatically be promoted on our social networks over at Facebook and Twitter.

In return we hope to be invited back to your place to guest post on your waterways blog. Our readers get to discover you and your writing; your readers get to discover us and our blog. Articles of around 300 – 400 words are invited.

If you are interested in swapping guest posts get in touch with Peggy.


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