Despite the recent UK vote to leave the European Union, our canal-based business in South East England will continue to benefit from being part of a global network. Boatshed has offices in locations across the UK, Europe and the USA and sells boats locally, nationally and internationally. Today, we have a team of about 120 specialist brokers and sales agents, operating from 63 locations in 18 countries.

Boatshed founder, Neil Chapman said,

“We are proud to have developed business processes and technology that have thrived in challenging times and changing market conditions. International Currency, Contracts, Translation, SEO, Data storage, Access, Logistics, Service etc. are just some of the business, technical and process challenges that have always been key features of Boatshed.”

(See more at Boatshed and Brexit Reaction.)

Boatshed continues to stand united with its European business partners. Our network and systems mean that we benefit from:

Over 700,000 registered customers looking for boats.

We have dealt with over 20,000 boats for sale so far

Our website attracts over 260,000 unique visitors each month.

We sell more than 1,000 boats each year.

We have 50+ branches worldwide.

Based upon independent industry statistics, we sell boats twice as quickly as other brokers!

Here at Boatshed Grand Union we specialise in the sale and purchase of narrowboats, barges and inland waterways boats. We may have the advantage of being a locally based business with experienced staff, but like Dr Who’s Tardis we’re also much bigger than we first seem!

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