Over the years that Boatshed Grand Union has been selling boats on the inland waterways, several questions have recurred time and time again.

I am therefore excited to announce that Phil and I have created an ebook about living on a boat packed with information, advice and beautiful colour photographs. It primarily deals with living on the UK inland waterways but many of the topics covered will be useful to anyone considering living on a boat.

I’ve been living on a boat for twelve years and Phil has been involved with boats and boating for many years. If there’s anything you feel we’ve not covered in the book we’d be happy to advise you personally so please do get in touch via our contact page.


Could You Live Aboard?
How to Buy a Boat
Choosing a Boat
Barge For Sale
Narrowboat or Narrow Boat?
Continuous Cruising
Finance and Insurance
Is it Cold in Winter?
Winter Boating
Home Comforts
Mobile Internet
Where's My Nearest...?
Pets on Board
Children on Board
Learning the Ropes
Why I Work for Boatshed
Buying a Boat With Boatshed Inland

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Get the book now: Living on a Boat.

Peggy Melmoth

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