We have just registered our 500,000th customer on Boatshed.com! Boatshed founders Neil and Mandy Chapman met customer Christoph Liedtke in London last week to present him with a bottle of champagne at St Katherine Docks.

It’s an impressive number: The average London house is predicted to cost £500,000 by the end of the decade, whilst also in the news poor Gary Linekar is facing a £500,000 pay cut to stay as Match of the Day presenter.

It was back in 1999 when Neil and Mandy realised they could not return to their old jobs after a 10 month sailing sabbatical. A dramatic rescue in the Bay of Biscay lead them to re-evaluate their lives and launch what became an international brokerage built with innovative technology.

Christoph, a professional living in central London, was obviously surprised. He said,
“I really would like to congratulate you on the business you have built; it is very impressive and inspiring how you turned your passion into a profession.”

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