There’s a piece of career advice that crops up time and again: do what you love. Narrow down the things that make you feel happiest, and consider your talents and previous experience. Then use this information to find your dream job. If you are a “people person” who is also interested in boats, canals and waterways have you considered becoming a broker?

Phil is considering taking on a partner at Boatshed Grand Union . The work is interesting, varied and our brokerage is expanding. The Boatshed business model and cutting edge technology makes us very different from other brokers. We are part of an international network of Boatshed businesses which provides training and support for brokers.

Phil said "This is an opportunity for an older person who would like to become a working, equity partner. Equally it would suit a young person looking for a career and willing to work their way up. Boatshed has a great training programme and there is huge room for expansion on the inland waterways."

Jane Robinson is the broker at Boatshed Torquay. She says, “The best things are not being stuck in an office all day, getting out and meeting people, and working in a beautiful part of the world. And I just like going out on other people’s boats really.”

Steve Booth runs Boatshed Essex. “Every day is unpredictable. If I expect to do one thing I may end up doing something else. Service businesses need to respond. I might plan my day, then someone will ring up for a viewing: You need to respond and change your plan. Days can be similar though; there is a routine of key tasks that you need to do.”

Andy O’Shea is based in Cowes. He says, “The worst thing about the job? Nothing. I love it. If I didn’t like it I wouldn’t do it… The best thing about the job is when you conclude a sale; everybody’s happy. I like the look on their face, when they’ve got their hands on the keys. I like to do it in a pub environment because it’s a celebration.”

Sounds like a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. It takes a certain kind of person to make money from their passion. Could it be you?

Get in touch with Phil Bassett now if you are interested in becoming a partner at Boatshed Grand Union.


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