There are many trades and crafts along the canal that offer a change from the mass-produced, imported-from-China commerce that we have grown so used to.

Hand crafted, made to measure or off the shelf fenders can be found in a number of places on the cut. Mick Betts at Cosgrove, near Milton Keynes makes fender for many local boaters in marinas from Leighton Buzzard up to Nether Heyford, as well as offering his services to boaters passing through Cosgrove. He has done work for Wyvern Shipping, one of the premier Hire Boat Companies and the fenders on Persephone - the Canal Experience RYA training boat are also by Mick

Whether it is a set of side fenders, a tipcat or a button Mick will be happy to make it to measure or supply from his prepared stock in polypropylene, sisal or manila. He particularly likes commissions for unusual or exotic fenders.

So if you are passing through the area - perhaps on the way to one of the festivals, give Mick a call and order your smart new fenders

Mick Betts 07816 541868