A group of canal based artists are spending this month visiting Hemel Hempstead on the southern Grand Union. The Artists on the Canal are a group of boaters who have temporarily turned their boats into cruising galleries, displaying paintings, drawings, sculptures, poetry, and visual installations in ‘pop-up shops’ along the towpath. The floating art tour consists of four boats, five artists and six locations.

Lesley Pearson is a painter, Berth Neutze is a sculptor and poet (Facebook: Wanderlust Art Gallery) and Magda Pipet is a land artist, photographer and poet. The land art could be on a beach or an old potato field. A poem may be written in sand or with rocks. Photographs of her land art and land art poetry are at dabe-art.org

Jan Vallance is an internationally selling artist based in the North West of England. She is a mother, ex-dancer, craftworker, teacher, and traveller and has painted for most of her life. (Facebook: The Art Boat)

Heidi Siggers is a mixed media artist working from home on her restored narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal. She graduated from Coventry University with a degree in Arts and Craft in 1998. She originally specialised in ceramics, a medium that she still uses today, although her work has now moved far more toward mixed media in the form of recycled paper, cloth, damaged books, painting, collage and drawing.

Heidi says, “Magda organised the art tour, and she contacted me via email to see if I'd like to take part. I'm trying to concentrate on my big paintings and ceramics now that I have the use of a kiln in Aylesbury.” (Heidi on Facebook: The Happy Potter).

The flotilla of narrroboats visited Berkhamsted until 7th June and will now be bringing contemporary art to Apsley Marina, Fishery Lock and Winkwell in Hemel Hempstead.There will also be an exhibition in the Old Town Hall from 9th to 14th June.

The pop up art galleries on the towpath are open 10am to 8pm,weather permitting, and there is more information and lots of beautiful photos of their work on the Facebook page: Artists on the Canals.

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