offer world-wide yacht charter and sailing holidays, but if you are looking for a sail boat or powerboat for sale in Essex then they have a handy distance and cost calculator that can be used by anyone with access to the Internet.

Hosted on their website, this online tool calculates the distance and fuel cost for your planned journey, so you get a good idea of the time involved before you set out. The results are based on an estimate and you will need to factor in extra variables such as the wind.

First, zoom in on the map to the part of Essex that you’ll be starting from and click through your route. You will need to enter the average speed and fuel consumption of your boat. They even have a CO2 Emissions Calculator, so that you can calculate your yachting Carbon Footprint as well as buy carbon offsets! (You may also like our article Go Green: Be a Sailor!)

Beyond the creeks, rivers and coast of Essex you can then dream big and consider long distance voyages: Their map covers the whole world! When you have calculated your ideal first trip, there’s just one more detail to finalise: Which boat will you be going in? Some of our boats have been reduced in price so your next big adventure could be closer than you think!

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Image credit: Beneteau 321 – our boat of the moment.

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