As our brokerage continues to expand we are happy to say that we are not lacking in customers. At the last count we had 11,217 people registered with Boatshed Grand Union, looking for a boat for sale. To meet this increasing demand we are always looking for more canal boats for sale to advertise across all of our Boatshed offices internationally.

If you’re thinking of selling your boat here are a few tips to get you started.

Remove personal possessions.

As far as possible try to empty the boat of your personal effects and give the place a good clean and a tidy up, both inside and out. Even if you are living aboard at the time the boat is for sale you could consider boxing up non-essential items and putting them into storage. This helps the prospective buyer to imagine their own items in the space and can make the interior of a boat look more spacious.

Setting the price.

Consult your broker for advice as he or she will be aware of any changes in the market and of what a current realistic value may be. When your price is set be open to negotiation and be prepared to drop the price if your first price does not attract many viewings. It’s good to discuss with your broker what is the lowest price you are able to accept. Bear in mind that any problems revealed at survey could cause the price to drop further.

Make sure the listing is accurate.

Before your boat description goes live read through the text of the advert. Consider which items are included in the sale and make sure you have not listed items that are not included: For example a generator or a solar panel.

Don’t take criticism personally.

Any prospective buyer may be interested in reducing the asking price of the boat and could point out cosmetic appearance or technical faults as reasons to drop the price. You may like to ask your broker whether investing in some repairs or improvements would add to the value of the boat.

What do we do?

We put your boat onto more than 50 Boatshed websites and advertise in the main boating magazines. We also have direct computer links that put your boat straight onto sites like Apollo Duck. There will be no need to move your boat – we sell it where it is and you can still live aboard if you wish.

On average it can take about twelve viewings to sell a boat (that's the world-wide average) yet at Boatshed Grand Union the average number of viewings before a sale is four. We offer brokerage on a no sale – no fee basis.

Take note of what one of our customers said last March, “I would advise anyone to try Boatshed straight away as I wish I had done!”

Read more about how to sell your boat. or contact Phil for some friendly advice.


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