Searching online for the boat that suits both your needs and your budget doesn’t have to be time consuming. The lazy boater’s way to find the perfect boat is to use our Boatshed Flexi Search.

If you need any tips to get you jump-started on your journey to boat ownership, our blog is full of cool articles that demystify the process.

Choosing a Boat

How to find your perfect boat even if you're a complete newbie

Choosing a boat: Part 1 - boat types

Choosing a boat: Part 2 -liveaboards

Practicalities and Technology

How to find a mooring

Buying a Boat: My Story

Don't buy a canal boat until you've read this

Don't buy a canal boat until you've read this as well!

Older Boat Engines - Snog, Marry, Avoid?

Modern Boat Engines - Which is Best?

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Canal Boat

Viewing a Boat

3 Things to Ask When You View a Boat

5 Technical Questions to Ask When You View a Boat

3 Things You Must Know Before Survey

For the DIY Enthusiast

What Does 'Project Boat For Sale' Mean?

Renovating a Project Boat: My story

Why You Should Buy a Boat!

Top 6 Benefits of Owning a Boat

My Boating Top 5

Buying With Boatshed

How to Buy a Boat - The Process Explained

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