If you’re stuck for ideas when buying a present for the narrowboater in your life, look no further than our blog for plenty of inspiration. From traditional crafts to gadgets and chandlery; consider fishing equipment, artwork, DVD’s or books. Alternatively if you’ve already got your Christmas shopping all wrapped up, then skip to the end of the page to find some extra free gifts from us to you!

Perfect Presents

Four Traditional Crafts: From Lace Plates to Brass Knockers

Three Christmas Gift Ideas for Canal Boaters

Three Christmas Gift Ideas for Boaters and Sailors

Three DVDs about Canals and Narrowboats

The Bargee DVD (A review of the 1964 British comedy starring Harry H Corbettand Ronnie Barker)

NarrowbudgetThe world’s only budget calculator designed specifically for narrowboat owners.

Boating Books I Have Known and Loved

Five Recommended Narrowboat Books

RamlinRose – The Boatwoman’s Story by Sheila Stewart

Narrowboat Dreams by Steve Haywood

For Better, For Worse, For Richer, For Poorer by Damian and Siobhan Horner.

A Horse, A Boat and You by Alice Lapworth

The Top 3 Books About Narrowboat Families

The Idle Women – three memoirs written by wartime trainees on the Cut

Festive Free Gifts for You

Five No Cost Christmas Treats For Boaters

Free e-Book: Selling a Boat – The Ultimate Guide

Free e-Book: Living on a Boat: The Boatshed Guide

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