As our New Year resolutions struggle to shine through a blanket of January clouds, boaters around the country are looking forward to 2014. If you’re not yet a boat owner the waterways blogs around the network are a wonderful peek into the lives of boaters.

Nick from Eileen Inlanding seized the chance to spend a night alone on the family’s 110 year old historic narrowboat.

“Under another gathering rain storm, I lit the stove, checked over the boat and settled in for an evening of silence, stillness and reading in the company of a warm stove, a slice of Xmas cake and a bottle of beer… bliss!”

His blog is a treasury of beautiful family boating images.

Fiona and John from narrowboat Epiphany have bravely shared their New Year’s Resolutions with the internet. They’ve also been running a seasonal quiz on the blog featuring photos from their 2013 cruises, but keeping in mind their non-boating readers and readers from abroad. This is one of the most popular boating blogs around.

Sue and Vic from Retirement with No Problem (also popular) have been on the Oxford canal, where there has recently been a case of possible carbon monoxide poisoning on a narrowboat. (If you need any tips on carbon monoxide safety check out our blog Boat Safety – what the beep?!) They’ve also shared some amazing photos of the River Cherwell overflowing onto the towpath recently.

There are dozens of narrowboat blogs out there. How do we keep up with them all? Try Feedly. You can tailor the Feedly reader to your tastes. Get started by adding three sites you love to read. If you’re a blogger yourself you may like to write a guest post for us. If your resolution is to buy a boat this year why not start a blog now, to document your journey towards ownership?

You’re invited! January won’t be dull at The London Boatshow 2014

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