At a time when some businesses are struggling, our biggest problem at Boatshed Grand Union is that we seem to be selling too many boats – we have several under offer at the moment and are ready to take on more boats for brokerage. To meet the demand of our large and expanding database of 240,000 registered customers we need more canal and narrowboats to sell. Sell My Boat

How is Boatshed Different?

We put your boat onto more than 50 websites of our own websites, which we advertise in all the main boating magazines. We also have direct computer links that put your boat straight onto Apollo Duck and other similar sites.

No need to move your boat – we sell it where it is.
You can still live aboard.
No sale – no fee.
More photos than any other broker provides.

We offer a complete service, including handling all the paperwork and financial transactions. Our brokers accompany customer viewings, therefore making themselves available to answer any questions that a customer has. On average it can take about twelve viewings to sell a boat (that's the world-wide average) yet at Boatshed Grand Union the average number of viewings before a sale is four. By the time the buyer travels to your boat they have already seen so many photos of all aspects of your boat that they have a really good idea of what to expect.

When I bought my current boat from Boatshed (Why I Work for Boatshed) I was amazed at how quick and efficient the process was: It's traditional brokerage but with cutting edge technology. If you're interested in experiencing a way of selling your boat with minimal hassle and stress then get in touch. After all – no sale, no fee, nothing to lose! We sell boats for boaters.

Peggy Melmoth