Over the years our blog has offered tips on buying and maintaining a canal boat, suggestions of canal places and events to visit, waterways news and historical anecdotes. But if you’re thinking of selling a boat it might be useful to access all of the articles we’ve written on that topic, in one place. These articles are packed with tips and advice from people who have lived and worked with canal boats for years.

Read on to discover how to sell a boat in record time, without the stress.

Help! I Want to Sell my Boat!

How Much is Your Boat Worth?

How to Sell a Boat on the Inland Waterways

Why Would I Need a Yachting Lawyer?

Selling a Boat: My Story

Sales Service for the UK Inland Waterways

Thinking of Selling Your Boat?

If you don’t have time to dive into all of these articles simply check out this one, Don't Make These 7 Mistakes When Selling Your Boat and let Boatshed take care of the rest.

We now have over 12,000 customers registered with Boatshed Grand Union and Boatshed worldwide has over 563,000 registered customers. Boatshed.com has over 50 locations world-wide, with more than 100 Boatshed Brokers working to sell your boat.

If you read our blog last week, you’ll know that Jan is a real boater: The kind that helps her partner to change a propeller in a staircase lock! (Don’t try this at home.)

Contact Jan today for some friendly advice about how to sell your boat.

Read How to Sell Your Boat (the short version).


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