Every boater’s life is a story, with characters, plot twists, endings and new beginnings. Our daily battles may not seem epic, but they are, and sharing your stories of the times you triumphed over adversity can reassure others that they’ll make it through.

So whether you’re looking to buy or sell a narrowboat or a canal boat, think of your journey as a quest with problems to solve, lessons to learn and successes to celebrate. Try to imagine how it would be told, if it were a fairy-tale. It might go a little something like this:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who lived a life of adventure on a little red narrowboat, travelling the canals of London and the rivers of Hertfordshire and Essex. One day on the Regents Canal she met a boat-travelling man, and they began to travel on a little blue boat that they shared. When they got married and had children the girl decided that they should get a bigger boat, with two bedrooms, a washing machine and a side hatch through which they could look at the swans and the ducks. She told her husband that she would like it to be a 70 foot narrowboat, painted green, with side hatches and a boatman’s cabin. She also wished to have the saloon at the front of the boat with glass doors to the front deck so that you can look out at the glistening water up ahead.

Her husband went boldly off to trawl the internet to see if he could find such a boat, and as if by magic, he discovered that their ideal boat was for sale with Boatshed Grand Union! The girl met with a bearded broker, who went by the name of Phil Bassett, and had years of experience in the business of boats. Before long she had bought the boat and asked him for a job, and became the official Boatshed administrator and blogger!

After a few years of happy boating the family settled on a mooring in a village called Marsworth and their children started preschool and school. Then, in a dramatic twist in the tale, a number of factors came together to take the family into a completely different direction. So they moved to a cottage in Devon and the beautiful 70ft trad was for sale.

Phil Bassett said that the worldwide average for selling a boat was about twelve viewings but with the Boatshed system that figure was more like four. So within weeks of going on the market, the boat was sold in record time, and the girl’s 13 years of living aboard were at an end.

She had learned so many things about living aboard, travelling on boats, boat maintenance, canal history, boat buying and boat sales, that she wrote it all down in ye olde Boatshed blog, for boaters all over the world to read. And in the end, she even wrote a helpful eBook called: How to Sell a Boat: The Ultimate Guide and gave it away for free in a place called Facebook.

The End.

Or is it?

What’s your story? Buying or selling? Contact us now and get your own fairy-tale ending!


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