A good way to keep up with boating issues is to check in on the CRT Boater’s Update; published every couple of weeks by Damian Kemp, the Canal & River Trust's Communications Manager.

At the end of January private boating council representative Ivor Caplan, contributed to the Update, offering some suggestions for boaters to get out there and go exploring.

“Travelling south, one might expect that the Grand Union Canal heading to London would be busy but we found the southern end very quiet last year even allowing for the National Festival at Watford. At times we dutifully waited unsuccessfully for a boat to lock share with. Maybe this is a result of the towpath telegraph exaggerating the problem of finding a mooring in London. Yes there are issues that the Trust is committed to resolve but we had no problems and an excellent week based in Paddington Basin. Whilst there, don’t miss the Lee and Stort, it’s a waterway of great variety from the Olympic site out into really attractive countryside.”

I couldn’t agree more. Phil, Charly, Jan and myself love boating on the Southern Grand Union, London canals and Rivers Lee and Stort. The Hertfordshire countryside is beautiful and offers visitor moorings, towpath moorings and quaint old English country pubs. If you plan on visiting central London you will need a canal guide such as the Nicholson’s guide to Grand Union, Oxford & the South East or The First Mate Guide to the Grand Union Canal by Carole Sampson so that you can find a secure mooring, with bollards or rings to tie to. (Although Carole is currently travelling Europe her brilliant guides are now available as PDFs for a donation online.)

Some of our boats for sale are advertised with a mooring too. But if you see one you like without a mooring, you can search for a mooring in your chosen area on the Canal and River Trust Website.

Also, check out our article on finding a mooring and don’t worry about the southern Grand Union being busy. There’s plenty of room for everyone around here!


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