New website backs Government’s encouragement for living on boats
THE world’s number one online yacht brokerage system is about to launch a brand new website which could boost the government’s campaign to have more people living on the water. already has craft to fit almost everyone’s needs and now it is launching a specialist website dedicated to the sale of boats people can live on, either on the sea or on inland waterways.

And that could help answer recent nationwide calls for a bigger floating population to help overcome the UK’s lack of housing.

Plans drawn up by the Government’s Communities and Local Government department earlier in the year opened the gates for more people to live on boats and housing minister Grant Shapps suggested additional moorings could be made available.

As well as saying that suitable houseboats, caravans and mobile homes could be used to house people, he told local councils that residential boats would be eligible for the new homes bonus, where the Government matches the tax on a dwelling for six years.

There are 3,000 miles of inland waterways in England and Wales, as well as scores of habitable harbours, and Mr Shapps has said: “Around 15,000 people live on our waterways and many more would like to do so.”

Now, to help would-be boat dwellers,, which was founded in 1998 by Neil and Mandy Chapman, has launched the new site which has been given the title

The Chapmans have already proved beyond any doubt that living on a boat can be an ideal way of life for many people. And as they often run their business from the boat, they have also proved that great successes can be achieved working on a boat. has already been instrumental in selling more than £28 million worth of boats this year and Neil said: “With the new Government plans now fitting into place, we feel an increased demand for houseboats is inevitable.

“So we are launching the ‘liveaboard’ site to help meet that demand and we expect to have between 250 and 300 boats on the site at any one time.

“We will offer a considerable range of sizes and prices, as well as choices of locations and as the numbers increase, so will the breadth of choice.”

Since being founded by Neil and Mandy, has grown into an organisation with more than 50 offices worldwide and over 450,000 registered customers. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most visited boating sites on the worldwide web. is live now CLICK HERE and showcase between 250 and 300 second hand ‘live aboard’ boats for sale, including barges, converted trawlers and cruisers.