I love this time of year, when you can look forward optimistically to the year ahead and nostalgically review the year that you leave behind. Our blog this year has included canal news, boater’s stories and more of our useful ‘How To’ guides. Here are five of our favourite highlights from the Boatshed Grand Union blog in 2014.

1) Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes When Selling a Boat

Selling a boat doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. Modern technology means there are now many ways to get your boat for sale seen right across the internet, promoted on websites and blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Here we share seven common mistakes made by boaters wanting to sell.

2) How to Buy a Boat – The Ultimate Guide

Searching online for the boat that suits both your needs and your budget doesn’t have to be time consuming. The lazy boater’s way to find the perfect boat is to use our Boatshed Flexi Search.

This article offers a round-up of cool articles that will get you jump-started on your journey to boat ownership.

3) The Canal Lingo Secrets of Liveaboard Boaters

There’s nothing worse than confusing your windlass with your winding hole. The next time you’re cheesing your ropes, breasting up, blacking your bottom, opening the paddles, or shafting off, spare a thought for those non-boaters who don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Which ones of these peculiar words and phrases have you already heard?

4) How I Sold a Narrowboat in Record Time

This is the final instalment of the incredibly true story of all the boats that I have loved before. From my first true love, (I Had a Gut Feeling: I Wanted This Narrowboat!) to my unlikely bargain (I Bought a Narrowboat for Just ONE POUND!) my 13 years of living on narrowboats were never dull!

5) Five Things You Should Know Before Living Aboard

A love of canals and waterways may eventually lead you to take up the liveaboard way of life. The romance of sparkling water, willow trees, ducks and swans is enticing in summer, and cosy spirals of smoke from the chimneys of glowing stoves are inviting in winter. For some it is just a daydream, but for those who are serious about a life afloat it’s best to do a little research first. We have five essential tips if you’re thinking of buying a boat to live on.

We’ve published over 50 articles on the blog this year, so if you’re curious about boats and canals or just want to catch up on waterways news then grab a cup of tea and have a browse around. Also, if you’d like a helpful article delivered straight to your inbox once a week just sign up here. You’ll also get instant access to our free eBook: How to Sell a Boat: The Ultimate Guide.

From Phil, Jan and Peggy at Boatshed Grand Union, we wish you a very happy New Year.

Peggy Melmoth

Image credit: Many thanks to Scott Cresswell on Flickr for making this image available under a Creative Commons licence.

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