As a continuous cruiser I’ve often found that when you need a particular boatyard service you happen to be nowhere near the boatyard that could supply it. A lengthy boat journey might be planned and made but this must fit around work or other commitments. Even when based on a mooring you may find that your nearest boatyard does not provide the service you are looking for. Wouldn’t it be handy instead if the boatyard could come to you?

Phil recently met up with Mark Bestford from Boatwork Ltd and found out a bit about what they do.

The company was founded in 2012 to help private boat owners, boatyards and water sport centres in the management, maintenance and repair of boats by bringing these services to the boater.
With a Royal Navy background and extensive experience in the marine industry Boatwork pride themselves on exceptional customer service.

Mark says, “From a helping hand to project management we can provide boat management, mobile maintenance, repairs and support services covering the inland waterways, reservoirs and coastal areas of the UK.”

Their services include boat building, boat repairs, boat maintenance, project management, painting and varnishing, interior fit outs, new builds and much more. If you are considering purchasing a second hand project boat, or sprucing up your current boat to make it ready for sale then these guys could conveniently give you a helping hand on location.

Where would you like your personal boatyard to appear?! Mark is happy to answer questions. Get in touch or find out more at


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