Sometimes, a yacht broker can be minding his own business getting on with an ordinary day when he gets a call from a sailing magazine saying they’re looking to feature a nice sailing boat in their next issue. At least that’s what happened to Peter Delbridge from Boatshed Hamble last month.

Jake from Sailing Today was looking for a boat within the price range of £30,000 - £40,000, and was planning to write a review and take some photos of the boat underway. Peter did not have anything suitable at the time but was quick to contact his colleague Andy O’Shea at Boatshed Cowes.

Andy was pleased to offer this gorgeous Scanmar 33 and the photographs were taken on the Solent. Peter took the photographer out on the Boatshed Hamble RIB to take the photos and the boat featured on 8 pages of the March issue of Sailing Today. Peter says,

“We have done four other shoots with them, all featuring Boatshed Hamble boats and I have driven the photographer each time.

They’re based at Swanwick Marina at the top of River Hamble and I’ve known them many years. They’ve always done second hand used boat tests and it’s easy for them that my boats are usually here on the river or in Southampton. I was always able to take the photographer out, and they cover the costs.

They photographed the Feeling and a Dufour 35 I’ve got on my books, and there’s an Oyster hopefully coming on my books too. So for the last 5 months it’s always been us that gets involved. However, Sailing Today have just been bought out by a new company so they are unlikely to be doing used boat tests in the same way that they did before.

Andy says, “Of course the owner was really chuffed. He went out and bought the mag and he was well-pleased. And for us – we’ve seen a massive increase in traffic to the site. At the end of the day it was good for Jake, good for Peter, good for everyone all round really!”

See more photos of the Scanmar 33 for sale on the Boatshed Cowes website.

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