The end of September saw the launch of the newly-formed Association of Continuous Cruisers, an independent organisation offering support, advice and advocacy to its members.

There are currently around 5000 boats on the UK canal system without a home mooring, and those that have chosen this lifestyle sometimes face practical day to day challenges (such as access to healthcare). The new organisation intends to build a positive working relationship with the Canal and River Trust, whilst representing the interests of ACC members. For example, earlier this year negotiations between continuous cruisers and the Trust resulted in lower priced winter moorings being made available to continuous cruisers for the coming winter.

The ACC aims to “raise awareness of the positive role that continuous cruisers play within the wider waterways community, and challenge negative perceptions about the reality of the role of the continuous cruiser.”

Since British Waterways has become the Canal & River Trust I do personally feel that communications between the Trust and continuous cruisers has improved. There have been many constructive canal user group meetings held with the Trust to discuss local issues. I have also noticed that the wording on mooring enforcement letters sent to continuous cruisers has been amended during the last year, and now opens with a statement acknowledging the valuable contribution continuous cruisers make to the waterways.

Meetings for Association of Continuous Cruisers members will be held across the canal system. There is more information including a constitution and brief biographies of each of the council members on the new website. Association of Continuous Cruisers

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