British Waterways are about to close the Tring Summit from Lock 39 Startops to 49 Northchurch. This area is not river fed and is suffering from the worst water shortage in many years.

British Waterways management called both local traders and permanent moorers in for meetings to consult on a response. This level of consultation and cooperation was unprecedented in my experience. If this is a sign of things to come with the new charitable status, it is very welcome.

At the trade meeting, we were impressed at the level of detailed analysis of the situation that Jeff Whyatt and his team were able to provide. Faced with the prospect of a lack of water extending well into the boating season we were all in agreement that the sooner we started saving as much water as possible the better. The pounds will be lowered and locks locked down for the foreseeable future. The extent of the closure will depend on the rainfall over the next month.

This has been a great inconvenience to several Boatshed Grand Union clients buying and selling boats at Cow Roast, however we are confident that this decision was necessary.

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