If you’re sat at your desk right now and you know you ‘should’ be working, we’d like to offer you the perfect way to procrastinate.

For your pleasure we are now publishing boat related stories, (serious and silly), book reviews, boating pictures, boating events and boating news. Recent Boatshed news has included opening a new office in Cyprus and registering our 500,000th customer, plus real life stories from Boatshed founders Neil and Mandy on the road in Europe.

Coming up we have features on different yacht brokers, (we have brokers all over the world, each with an interesting story to tell), galley recipes, and tips on how to prepare your boat ready to be sold. We’re also wondering how do you choose an anchor, and how do you keep the kids entertained on board?

You can see the latest videos from our YouTube
channel, plus we’ll be sharing general boating and sailing news. Did you know recent research shows you may be sailing at 1,000,000 MPH… if you are at the equator?

On Facebook it’s too easy to ask us a random question, and we do like to waffle on about boaty things.

What’s your favourite galley recipe? What are the jobs you love to hate on your boat? Do you have a big trip planned? Do you have a picture of your pet on board? Any tips for fishing success? What’s your favourite gadget? What’s the best cocktail to enjoy on board? Is there a boat jumble near you?

If you have family or friends into boating or sailing you may like to let them know about our shiny new page. As I’m sure Ratty may not have famously said,

“Believe me, my young friend, there is NOTHING -absolutely nothing -half so much worth doing as simply messing about on Boatshed."
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