My name is Mark from and after recently discovering Boatshed, Peggy has kindly allowed me to tell you a little about my boating website.

Gongoozled is a website geared towards, boaters sharing their experiences on the waterways. Its mission is to provide an intuitive approach to allowing boaters an interactive way of sharing their experiences of the waterways.

It differs from a standard Forum in the way members can quickly post short sharp updates in their activity stream without the need to stay ‘on-subject’ and it offers more than a Facebook group page with its ‘close knit’ community feel geared around ‘share and discover’ mapped canal and waterway geo-located posts.

Once registered on Gongoozled members can set up their own profiles with a short biography and a picture of their boat. They also have the option to pinpoint their location on the map of the waterways.

One of the key features around Gongoozled is the way it integrates with Google Maps to allow boaters to submit a ‘visit’ onto map of the waterways, whether it is a place of interest, a waterside pub or the location of last nights BBQ!

The Posts are all shared on a map of the waterways for other users to read and discover hidden gems to look out for along their travels.

Members can draw cruise routes overlaid over a detailed Google Earth Map ready to share on their Gongoozled, Facebook or Twitter profiles with the option to keep it private if wished.

Gongoozled also features a groups page so users can also create groups dedicated to a particular subject or stretch of canal, for example a couple of groups worth mentioning are the ‘Canal wildlife’ and ‘Solo Boating’ groups.

Members can even create their own events to be displayed on the website and with currently over 1,500 twitter followers and a growing number of Facebook page members there is a potential to reach a huge audience.

So don’t be shy, come and join in with the fun at
Say hello, you’ll receive a warm welcome.

Did you see...? The Boatshed Grand Union team featured on the Gongoozled blog this week?

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